Each Transformation trajectory starts with a no-obligation intake and short introductory training. During this appointment we talk about your goals, sports history, current lifestyle and your diet. Furthermore, we will look at your basic motor skills (quality of movement) and you will be asked about medical indications and about how well you think you can handle the training intensities. Following the introductory session, we present a plan of action. We discuss the best options for you: doing it yourself or with a form of personal guidance (1op1, Small Group Training or a combination).

Personal Training

Free training in our Private Gym is standard with our PTA-Membership. And if you wish to hire a Personal Trainer to assist you with your 12 WEEK TRANSFORMATION, we will explain you in detail how it works if you want to start with a 1on1 PT trajactory and/or want to join the Personal Training classes. We'll advise on what would be the ideal frequency of training with that. With our four Membership levels you can set up every conceivable customized trajactory that will make you reach your goals.


Once you have registered with us, you will immediately receive our Ebook 12 WEEK TRANSFORMATION via email. In this Ebook we describe week by week in detail what you need to do to get an amazing Transformation result. Also you receive a few instruction e-mails from us to optimize the start of your trajectory in best way possible. We will send you the login details for your personal account on our online portal the next working day. We also set up the initial nutritional guidelines for you, with which you pursue your first intermediate goal. Let's work!

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