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For just €79 per month you can train unlimited under the guidance of a Personal Trainer. You will train in a group of like-minded people, you will gain strength, build muscle and boost your endurance.

Apart from our low treshhold Classes, we also offer. FEMME FIT (Small Group PT), Wim Hof Breathing, Personal Training, Bodytec, Open Gym, Massage. and Physiotherapy. Sign up for our TOPDEAL TRIALWEEK and come and experience our services!

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Looking for a Personal Trainer in Amsterdam?

With our 12 WEEK TOPFIT Program we help you with goalsetting, make a custumized plan, and coach you on a daily basis on the level of training, nutrition and recovery. Throughout the trajectory we will keep pushing you to follow the plan as precisely as possible.



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A well equiped private gym - based near the center of Amsterdam - A friendly and ambitious community - high quality Personal Training! Do you keep postponing or will you visit our gym to become acquainted with us?

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