We all want to feel healthy and look good! Many people are seeking for a custumized and personal approach to reach these goals. Naturally the industry of self operating fitness professionals in Amsterdam is growing and the diversity of it even more! The Personal Training Agency's mission is to transform an exclusive and opaque service product like Personal Training in to an accessible and more accepted service product to the general public. We do this by working together as a team of entrepreneuring pro's! Want to join our band?



Are you this professional?

  • Work hard, 100% go-getter and entrepreneur
  • Proactive, teamplayer en flexible
  • Persuasiveness, confident en communicative
  • Perfect mix of humor and 100% professional
  • Dutch and/or English language written and spoken
  • Experienced in the mainstream trainingroutines with their intensities
  • Theoretical and practical knowhow of anatomy and physiology

A Personal Trainer wants this!

  • Operating in a professional environment in which respect, transparancy and teamwork are the natural key values!
  • Acces to a large, well equiped Private Gym where we focus 100% on Personal Training and Small Group activities and nothing else!
  • A sharply priced license fee for you as a professional and an affordable monthly gym membership for your clients!
  • A large Private Gym established in a booming location in Amsterdam!
  • Easily accessible, in particular by car but also by bike and/or public transportation with free parking lots outside!

The ultimated Personal Training gym in Amsterdam

We enter into partnerships with enterprising Personal Trainers who naturally fit in well with our team. We work with a simple business partner system that is very accessible for both starting Personal Trainers and Trainers with an ongoing business. As mentioned, our Private Gym is very spacious, well equipped and of course has separate changing rooms with showers. Moreover, the gym is very easily accessible by car and of course also by public transport and bike!

Are you curious about the possibilities? Leave your details below and we will contact you asap to schedule an introductory meeting.

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